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Generation V

Aug 8, 2018

Depressed, stressed and suicidal Dr. Angie Sadeghi made the one decision that healed her from the inside out. This pivotal transformation was a springboard for her quick transition to becoming vegan. Now a gastroenterologist, her passion for non-chemical, quality care is interwoven in the care she provides to her patients. Join this episode, for a look into the food you eat, how it affects your body, diet fads and more with a gastrointestinal lens.


“My body transformed but, most importantly, my mind transformed.”

-Dr. Angie Sadeghi


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7:52  Dr. Sadeghi, from vegetarian to vegan

14:45  Peers thoughts about plant-based diet

18:03 Gastrointestinal, health and food

28:30  Foods you should avoid

33:37  Looking good but sick

37:59  The effects of keto diet on your body






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