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Generation V

Sep 5, 2018

As veganism is on the rise we see more stars and aspiring athletes arriving on the scene. On this episode of Generation V Nimai sits down with the CrossFit 2018 Fittest Man in the Netherlands, Jeremy Reijnders. Jeremy shares how and why he decided to go vegan, plus he gives tips on how to start the vegan lifestyle. Tune in to this episode to find out how this elite athlete uses the vegan diet to give him that competitive edge.


“Find what you are good at and what you like and use it to help the vegan community.”

-Jeremy Reijnders


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2:02 Competing at the CrossFit games

5:45 Jeremy’s beginnings in Judo

12:00 How Jeremy got introduced to vegetarianism/veganism

15:45 What Jeremy did to make the leap to veganism

18:00 The vegan athlete advantage

21:13 All about Jeremy’s training sessions  

28:50 What Jeremy eats on training days

38:27 Adversities that Jeremy overcame

47:37 Jeremy’s tips for starting a vegan diet


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